"The Fetishman Filthology"

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CAUTION! This comic contains profanity and sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

The Fetishman Filthology is a collected compendium of the first ten issues of the Fetishman comic series, which was first published in 2004, and features Fetishman as the rubber-clad, crime-fighting superhero, who ultimately fails to fight crime due to his restrictive latex suit.

Alongside characters such as their sidekick, Lactose Intolerant Boy, Mistress Domination, and arch-nemesis Baron von Wagner, Fetishman does much more than fail to catch criminals. It’s a social comment on the continuing social awkwardness surrounding the fetish and BDSM world, and is a vehicle for author, Dr Geof Banyard, to highlight the absurdity and conflict within legislation and what society is willing to accept as ‘normal’. Geof explains: “Whilst popular cultural trends have made certain elements of the BDSM world more palatable, society still struggles with the terminology, choosing to shy away from words like ‘Fetish’. Fetishman and the Filthology is not explicit or pornographic in any way, yet often it’s the title which discourages people from picking it up. When they do, they’re confronted simply with humour – relatable comedy which they soon realise is the actual point of the comic."

Within the Filthology’s 416 pages, Geof explains his reasons for tackling certain topics, such as the extreme pornography legislation and his stance on how he’d eventually like society to view the fetish and fetishists. “The Filthology was entirely funded through Kickstarter, by both existing and new fans and ended on double the original target, which to me demonstrates a need and an appreciation of the need to have a comic such as this out there.”

The Filthology also contains previously unseen work including the pre-cursor strip to Fetishman, Thwak Norman, and additional art and products created during the first five years of publishing, the period spanned by issues 1 to 10.

416 page a5 BW (with a small colour section) softback book
Approx 210x148x20mm (8x5.8x0.8inches)
November 2016