About Doctor Geof

Doctor Geof (photograph courtesy of Gregg McNeill) is an artist, scientist, comics creator and maker of whimsical objects. His work is often satirical, usually with an historical twist, and features tea, goblins, krakens, steampunk, smut, BDSM, nuns, bees, cats and more tea. This online shop  is the place where you can obtain many of Doctor Geof's strange and wonderful creations.
Since 2004 you may have encountered him selling his comics, prints, cards, mugs, pewter, pins, and for some reason a lot of embroidered badges, at various events across the UK. More recently you may have discovered Doctor Geof from his Cats With Tanks colouring book, or the Spannerz webcomic he has been creating for Games Workshop.
You may also know Geof from his portraiting, or his large interactive art games. It has been his greatest delight to collaborate with the Asylum Steampunk Festival on games like the Great Tea Referenda (an unsubtle satire on the failings of referenda), the Steampunk Passport Game, and more recently Queen Faketoria, and is known as the co-creator of the now world-famous sport of Tea Duelling.
As one of the foremost Steampunk artists in the UK, Doctor Geof has worked with and exhibited at the Cutty Sark, Royal Museums Greenwich, and Discovery Museum Newcastle. Since 2010 he has also been taken his ongoing temporary installation, Doctor Geof's Fantastical Tea Museum, at numerous of events.
Whilst Steampunk is one element to his work, it is playing with history and illustrating the irony and ridiculousness of every day events which runs through all of the art he produces. This is perhaps most obvious in Doctor Geof’s flagship and longest running comic – Fetishman. The comic, which features the superhero Fetishman clad in a head to toe restrictive latex outfit (yes, this does make him a rubbish superhero), tackles topical issues such as the extreme pornography laws (Issue 7) and gender (Issue 14). As of 2020 there have been 21 issues of the fetishman comic (including the primer), the first ten of which are gathered in together in the Fetishman Filthology.
For more details about Doctor Geof you could try his website doctorgeof.co.uk , his instagram , or his Patreon page where you can keep up to date with his very latest plans and schemes (as pictured above). Geof is also occasionally available for commissions, events, exhibitions and public speaking engagements. Please send enquiries to contactgeof@gmail.com