Steampunk Literary Review #003

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Including a review of the most fearfully steampunk-y novel that will ever exist "The Cogs of Wrath"

CAUTION! This comic contains mild profanity and some sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

Not a Review, not literary, and probably not steampunk really, the SLR #3 is the third anthology of Geof's steampunk works ... but disguised as a literary review because he thought it would be more steampunk that way.

In a surprise change of pace Geof has written the first chapter of what he hopes is the most steampunk literature that will ever come into existence! Why? Probably for a bet or as some form of Machiavellian punishment. Or as a warning to others. Either way, you too can now thrill at the cog-ish adventures of Ms Adeline Cogscog in 'The Cogs of Wrath'!

"Fanciful historical good-natured nonsense" - James Bacon, Forbidden Planet International

"Not what I expected" - Kimberly Richardson, The Steampunk Chronicle

  • Size: A4, 32 pages
  • Colour: Full Colour
  • ISBN 978-0-948330-12-4

September 2013