Steampunk Literary Review #002

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A tea-military themed publication in which Count Poshname Von Plumbing Supplies reviews the genuine fake propaganda publication "Tea and Country!" followed by the less-sugar-coated "First Tea Company General Briefing"

CAUTION! This comic contains mild profanity and some sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

Not a Review, not literary, and probably not steampunk really, the SLR #2 is the second anthology of Geof's steampunk works ... but disguised as a literary review because he thought it would be more steampunk that way.

Spanning pieces from several issues of the SteamPunk Magazine and crammed with typographical artefacts from Geof's fake military organisation, the First Tea Company, this is Geof's second colour publication and a doozy it is too.

Mr R. Rankin has kindly offered these very complimentary words with regards to the first Steampunk Literary Review: "Perhaps only once in every century is Mankind fortunate enough to be gifted with a single piece of literary genius. A spark of infinite brightness, shining diamond-pure and illuminating an otherwise dim and uninspired firmament. That we should, at this grim period of history, be honoured by the so-timely arrival of The Steampunk Literary Review is a matter for national rejoicing. Let us fall down upon our knees and give thanks for Dr Geof, for whom no words of mine could be sufficient to offer our heart-felt praise.Cometh the hour, cometh the manAnd things of that nature generally.God bless us every one.God bless you, Dr Geof." - Robert Rankin

  • Size: A4, 32 pages
  • Colour: Full Colour
  • ISBN 978-0-948330-10-0

September 2012