Steampunk Literary Review #001

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In which Count Poshname Von Plumbing Supplies reviews the dubious publication "Very Ankles!"

CAUTION! This comic contains mild profanity and some sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

Not a Review, not literary, and probably not steampunk really, the SLR is the first anthology of Geof's steampunk works ... but disguised as a literary review because he thought it would be more steampunk that way.

Spanning pieces from several issues of the SteamPunk Magazine, crammed with fake adverts as well as a contribution to Jamie Smart's Fat Chunk anthology and of course with an excerpt and review of the fictional erotic magazine "Very Ankles!", this is Geof's first colour publication.

"delightful whimsy" Kirsty Alan

"an absolute masterpiece" Jamie Smart

  • Size: A4, 32 pages
  • Colour: Full Colour
  • ISBN 978-0-948330-06-3 R

September 2011