"Plan of Turbinia powered by the Lambton Worm" A1 Print

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"What if ...?What if Turbinia had been powered by the Lambton Worm? To ensure Turbinia's presence at the Spithead Review might Charles Parsons have considered harnessing the fury of the Lambton family's best kept secret: the surviving Lambton Worm?"

The “Plan of Turbinia powered by the Lambton Worm” artwork was created for “Fabricating Histories”, the 2016-2017 Arts Council funded exhibition. The exhibition was conceived by Dr C Nally in collaboration with Northumbria University and Discovery Museum. Geof was happily involved with the curation as it followed on neatly from the topics he has been exploring in previous exhibitions such at the National Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark: using the concept of creating almost-possible-yet-still-fantastical fictional histories to explore the differences between our perception of history and the academic study of history, and the role of museums in this.

Doctor Geof's "Lambton Worm Turbinia" is a humorous consideration of a fictional history whereby the Turbinia interacts with the famous local myth "The Lambton Worm". The original artwork was created in November 2016 for the exhibition. It is currently displayed as a 40m long mural next to Charles Parson’s actual Turbinia at Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne. This print was created in November 2017 and incorporates both the Turbinia-Worm artwork as well as the original accompanying text.

  • Size: A1 / 841x594mm / 33.1 x 23.4 inches
  • Colour: Monochrome
  • 250gsm matt paper


SIGNED November 2017