First Tea Company Heraldry - Souvenir Postcard

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A postcard featuring the Heraldic Achievement of the First Tea Company.

The First Tea Company is a kind of fake "pre-enactment" group as well as an interactive artwork. Designed to feel military-ish, whilst in no way being actually  military, it came about partly because Geof loves tea, partly because he needed a fake military unit for a comic he was writing, and partly because Geof has a fondness for militaria but is also anti-war, and was hoping he could play with that.

The First Tea Company articles of membership are 1) membership entirely non-compulsory 2) find ways to appear military-ish 3) don't actually be military-ish 4) non-uniform uniforms 5) be able to declare that you "love tea". Since 2010 the FTC has recruited numerous members, spawned artefacts, a fake museum and a Facebook group, and has a thriving 5th column thanks to article (5).

Also available as an a3 Print. First Tea Company insignia, and other related art, is also available.

A6 Postcard, 280gsm 
Approx 148x105mm (4x5.8inches)
August 2014