Fetishman #12 - Fairy Tales

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"Old Mother Fetishman's Fairly Filthy Tales of Folk and Fairies!"

CAUTION! This comic contains profanity and sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

Are we sitting comfortably? No? Well are we sitting uncomfortably but we like it that way? Good, well I'll begin: Once upon a time there was a comic about fairytales and fetish-y rudeness, no really, like as in "my grandma, what an enormous ..." and the like, and anyway, yes, they all lived happily ever after. Trust me, you'll love it. I mean come on, It's got fairies and stuff!

For this issue the price has finally increased by a whole 50p, but as a trade off there's 4 more pages! Of semi-filth! Hurrah!

  • Size: 32 pages, A5
  • Colour: Black and White

November 2010