Cpl Richards No.1 - Derring-do Pin-up Postcard

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The first in a series of three postcards featuring the military/saucy adventures of Corporal Richards.

An illustrated tribute to the brave actions of Cpl Richards, of the Pants-free Division of the First Tea Company, during the 1896 action at Upper Bottomley. In this instance Cpl Richards has accidentally mislaid their firearm whilst reconnoitring the enemy position.

This image was one of four pieces created to illustrate the story "Delectable Deeds of Derring-Do" for The first Steampunk Literary Review. The story combines the predictability of both the "erotic tale" format and the "boys own adventure" format to create a monstrosity that aims to confuse the enjoyment of either. These images were an attempt to subvert the old-school pin-up formula by contrasting a classic "Oops! Silly me!" activity against the protagonist's sense of military-decisiveness.

Also available as an a3 Print. The other postcards in this series are "Cpl Richards No.2" and "Cpl Richards No.4"

A6 Postcard, 280gsm
Approx 148x105mm (4x5.8inches)
August 2014