Censorious Stickers - Sticker Sheet

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A postcard-sized sheet of 10 stickers for censoring things with! Wield the unimaginable power of censorship for either of two fearsome purposes:

  • to make dirty things appear clean (the boring purpose) - you can censor rude things so as to potentially avoid shocking other humans. Handy if you write a humorous fetish themed comic and need to display it places.
  • to make clean things appear dirty (the awesome purpose) - these stickers, when applied to other innocent images, will imply the presence of some unnamed rudeness in the original. Handy for improving everything, from postcards and xmas cards through to almost any signage.

This is indeed an idea I dabbled in years ago as a fun way to satirise censorship, and I'm still utterly delighted by it.

A6 Sticker Sheet, probably gloss paper
Approx 148x105mm (4x5.8inches)
June 2023