Tentacles - Clear Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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A postcard-sized sheet of 6 tentacle stickers and a semi-submerged kraken-head sticker, for placing on things to make them look like they're being enveloped by a tentacle-y sea beast!

Available in 5 different colour options: blue-teal, sea-green, indigo, blue and red.

Because who doesn't need tentacles sneakily reaching round their belongings, eh? Investigators of eldritch horrors is who but, other than those folks, who else really? Exactly.

The tentacles were my first sticker designs on clearly vinyl and I'm proper chuffed with how they came out.

A6 Sticker Sheet, clear vinyl
5 colour options: blue-teal, sea-green, indigo, blue, red
Approx 148x105mm (4x5.8inches)
November 2023