Cpl Richards No.4 - Derring-do Pin-up Postcard

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The fourth and last in a series of three postcards featuring the military/saucy adventures of Corporal Richards.

An illustrated tribute to the brave actions of Cpl Richards, of the Pants-free Division of the First Tea Company, during the 1898 action at Upper Nattum. In this instance Cpl Richards, on being ambushed whilst without a functioning firearm, has accidentally dismembered all the enemy combatants.

This image was one of four pieces created to illustrate the story "Delectable Deeds of Derring-Do" for The first Steampunk Literary Review. The story combines the predictability of both the "erotic tale" format and the "boys own adventure" format to create a monstrosity that aims to confuse the enjoyment of either. These images were an attempt to subvert the old-school pin-up formula by contrasting a classic "Oops! Silly me!" activity against the protagonist's sense of military-decisiveness.

Also available as an a3 Print. The other postcards in this series are "Cpl Richards No.1" and "Cpl Richards No.2"

A6 Postcard, 280gsm
Approx 148x105mm (4x5.8inches)
August 2014