Member of the Q.F.E. - Die Struck Metal Pin Badge

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The Member of the Queen Faketoria Empire award is a metal pin badge, made to resemble some kind of fake royal honour, and comes mounted on a bi-fold card.

Instituted by Queen Faketoria Qashfor, the MQFE is awarded solely on merit (barring a small administrative fee *cough* that also covers exactly all the merit required to be awarded an MQFE). The card backing features a certificate of honorification for you to fill out accordingly.

The Queen Faketoria Trading Company is an interactive satirical art piece, started in 2017 with the kind assistance of Brendan McCoy in the role of Queen Faketoria. The aim is for Queen Faketoria to be a competitive capitalist alternative to the traditional monarching monopoly, and as such requires Geof and Brendan and the many shareholders ("shareholders") to get up to "monarch-like things". Possibly in hope of either getting on the civil list, or a castle. You can follow some of their endeavours on the Queen Faketoria facebook page.

Queen Faketoria shares and memorabilia, and other related art, are also available.

Metal pin badge, antique gold finish
Approx 25x25mm with single butterfly clasp.
Card backing 146x105mm bi-fold
September 2020