Fetishman #14 - The Trans-comic

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CAUTION! This comic contains profanity and sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

Tragedy strikes and Andrew O'Neill comes to Fetishman's aid, leading him on a quest that traverses space, time, gender and comics, all to help rescue Fetishman's beloved sidekick Lactose Intolerance Boy! Co-written with the comedy genius that is Andrew O'Neill at some of the most ungodliest hours of the morning, issue #14 is chock full of fetish and trans silliness, as well as the love of shoes and for some reason emperor lyrics.

"is yummy and full of shoes" - Heather Thorpe-Ironstone

  • Size: 32 pages, A5
  • Colour: Black and White

November 2011