"Defense from Devilfish" A1 Print

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"No.4 The Seafarer's Defence from Devil-Fish" Created for the Cutty Sark during the "First Tea Company's Travelling Museum of the First Tea Company"'s exhibition there. Features a number of the traditional kraken-defence techniques, weaponry, and interpretive dance measures that would have been used by said tea clipping vessel in the event of giant cephalopod attack!

Not only does this extra-extra-read-all-about-it-large print, arguably to-scale, feature an intricately inked ship, and gorgeously painted Devilfish. But also a tremendous amount of detail, annotation and facts* that all wayward sea men/women/people should know!

  • Size: A1 / 33.1x23.4 inches / 841x594mm
  • Colour: Full colour
  • 160gsm paper

* facts may not be correct

August 2014