The Complete Fetishman Bundle 2020!

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CAUTION! This comic contains profanity and sexual references and as such may not be suitable for the young or easily offended.

The complete Fetishman comic collection, including 20+ Issues of Fetishman. 14 Years of perilous parody. TIGHTLY bound together by fate... and post & packaging.

Collect ALL of the Fetishman that is currently in existence to be collected with this most comic-full bundle!

  • The Fetishman Filthology (Issues 1-10 + 100s of pages of extras)
  • Fetishman Issues #11-20
  • My First Fetishman, the mini-comic primer
  • A sheet of Fetishman "zip-mouth" stickers

This is the ideal way to read all of the Fetishman that there is, line your walls with flame-accelerant insulation, drop a large and heavy stack of books on a very small nemesis, or go early XXXmas shopping for that one friend you know will love Fetishman but they're scared of all the continuity and multi-trillion dollar expanded film universe crossover canon.

The Filthology

The Fetishman Filthology is a collected compendium of the first ten issues of the comic, which was first published in 2004, and features Fetishman as the rubber-clad,crime-fighting superhero, who ultimately fails to fight crime due to his restrictive latexsuit. Alongside characters such as sidekick, Lactose Intolerant Boy, Mistress Domination, and arch nemesis Baron von Wagner, Fetishman does much more than fail to catch criminals. It’s a social comment on the continuing social awkwardness surrounding the fetish and BDSM world, and is a vehicle for author, Doctor Geof, to highlight the absurdity and conflict within legislation and what society is willing to accept as ‘normal’.