"In The Event Of Peril" A1 Print

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A handy set of safety instructions regarding Zeppelins & one's personal transit upon said same.

An enormous A1 colour print by Dr Geof, signed and numbered, that emulates as poorly as possible the well-known flight safety leaflet. Delightfully far too large to easily function as a safety leaflet, the "In The Event of Peril" print gives sage advice regarding all the most important aeronautical tragedies such as "Ditching in the water", "mythical beast attack" and "correct use of cutlery at meal times".

The print was originally finished in time for, and duly exhibited at, the 2011 steampunk exhibition at Kew Bridge Steam Museum, and was displayed at the Bradford Industrial Museum's 2011-2012 exhibition.

But now, by popular demand, it's available in full, massive, A1 glory! HUZZAHS!

  • Size: A1 / 841x594mm / 33.1x23.4inches
  • Colour: Full colour
  • 200gsm paper

September 2011