Xmas cards & last postage dates!

Posted by Geof Banyard on

Hi again!

Slightly late in the day for xmas I know (the house move took waaaay longer than I hoped, and truly sorry again to everyone whose parcels got delayed by that!), but I've finally got this year's two new xmas card designs up on the webshop!


You probably won't be surprised to find out the cards are a rude one and a not rude one: "Two carrots" has some very inventive BDSM snowperson & carrot action (whilst possibly still not being rude because it's snowpeople?); whereas "Silent Night" is just a simple horrific warning tale for snowperson carollers :)

With the potential for postal chaos looming it's tricky to figure out what a sensible "last day to order stuff to hopefully get it by xmas" date, but as I'm shirking most in-person events this year (for covid & "after office-move" chaos reasons) I should be on the ball with this and so I reckon we can get away with the following:

  • 20th December - UK
  • 13th December - Europe* & North America
  • 6th December - Rest of the world

*except for Sweden, sorry Sweden, I have no idea what's going on there

That said, if you're non-UK there might be customs charges (sorry!), and even if you are UK, ordering in advance of those dates would greatly increase the chances of stuff getting to thee on time.

Anyway, thanks again for enjoying my whimsical creations, hope you're all good,

x Gf