Xmas cards and last postage dates 2022

Posted by Geof Banyard on

Hey lovelies!

I've just updated the webshop with this year's xmas cards ("Fabrication Robin" "Goblin Robin" and "Domme Robin") and my new favourite products "Sticker Sheets" (these ones are also brand new as well as my new favourite, having sold out of the first batch at Steampunks in Space a fortnight ago)(if I wasn't excited by things like this would this even be my webshop? Seriously though, the bees are adorable but the steampunk labels are a whole new level of gentle diabolicalness that I'm quite proud of), so we're finally caught up with basics. However there's still the matter of last post dates.

We've already passed the non-UK last-post-for-xmas dates, truly sorry my loves, wholly my fault there. But the other relevant dates look like this:

Last date to order to get things to you for xmas (UK): 15th December 2022
Last date to order before I take xmas off: 16th December 2022
First date I'll start processing orders again after xmas: 3rd January 2023

I made a Faustian pact with fellow creative Minifi's Oddities (cheers!) to make last post date 16th December, (so as to stop either of us from trying to work right the way up to xmas eve), however, with the postal strikes I've had to nudge it back a day to be safe.

That said, if you can make it to Leeds, Fabrication Shop (LS1 5AP) is stocked with mine & other things and is open til xmas eve itself!


Anyway, hope you're all doing grand,

x Gf