Tentacle stock and the Red Sticker Replacement thing

Posted by Geof Banyard on

Hi all,

Whilst packing orders earlier this week I found out that not all the Red Tentacle sticker sheets had the full cut-out (the top left tentacle and one other didn't have a tentacle shaped cut-line round them). Whilst it's not terrible, it's still a fault, and one that I had no idea who had been affected.

Therefore, what with it being xmas (some things being for presents etc), and the last post date fast approaching, I just sent replacement Red Tentacle sticker sheets to everyone who'd ordered them. They all went in the post yesterday so they should be with you before xmas. This method does mean that some people will receive replacements (and have a faulty sheet that will still do some good tentacling), whilst some other people will just have bonus Red Tentacles, but overall it just seemed like the better thing to do.

On that note, the Red and the Indigo Tentacle Sticker Sheets are now both out of stock until I can place another clear vinyl sticker order. probably in late January or February. If you have a diabolical plan and need that to happen sooner rather than later, do drop us a line.

x  Gf