New things for xmas! And a sticker discount!

Posted by Geof Banyard on

It took me a few days longer than I'd hoped, but the xmas 2023 new-product upload-a-thon is finally done. New Doctor Geof products, in time for this xmas, are:

  • Tentacle stickers on clear vinyl - 5 colours, proper chuffed with these;
  • Tales of the Super Paw comic - about a cat that's a superhero, but uses their powers for cat problems rather than human ones;
  • 2 new xmas cards - this year's cards are "Cat Santa" and "Elf Turds" and I'll just let you find out why they're called that ... ;
  • some old xmas cards - yep, the tea-drinking snowmen are back;
  • a New random xmas card bundle for 2023;
  • 5 new sticker designs! Including zeppelineers, steampunk tinies, more tea stuff, an only-cat-tested sheet, the Holmes Biscuit Tin label, and the mighty Censorious censorship stickers are finally back after their decade hiatus.

I looked into how to do sticker bundles, because I feel people buying many stickers should get a boost, and quickly realised that the simplest approach was to offer an automatic "buy 2 get 1 free on all stickers", so if you're wondering what's going on in your shopping cart, it's that.

I also took the opportunity to reprint the tiny bees and cats with tanks booklets. Sadly print costs are up since I printed the previous batch a few years back, so these imprints have a small price increase:

  • Analysis of bees comic - £4 (was £3);
  • Cats with their tanks colouring book - £6 (was £5).

Right, I probably need to go and tell the other people too - hope you're all doing ace, catch you laters,

x Gf