Last post for Xmas!

Posted by Geof Banyard on

Hi there!

So whilst I'm not closing the shop for xmas (we've got wiggle room in the 7-10 day delivery method), we're rapidly reaching the point where I'm not going to be able to promise stuff will reach thee before xmas. Whilst technically that's early next week I figured we'd declare tomorrow/Friday 18th December as a formal last post day so that I can crack on with me own xmas preparations and that :)

LAST POST: 18TH DECEMBER 2020 (all orders up to midnight and to be honest early the next day too because it'll actually be saturday 19th that's parcel-post-apalooza at the Geof house)

Sorry, meant to tell you guys sooner, and to be fair if it's the 19th/20th and mad urgent then do drop us an email and three might be do-able stuff.

Catch you all in the new year!

x Geof