Doctor Geof Shop 3.0 launch!

Posted by Geof Banyard on

Welcome to the latest incarnation of the webshop!

At the moment it's superficially similar to the old one (I eventually made the excellent decision to get this one up and running and leave fixing the product photos and that til later), but here are a few new differences already under way:

Simplified shipping:

I've decided there's just one rate now, slightly cheaper for orders below £10 but with free shipping for all orders over £30!

New products:

The third of the new enamel pins is a charity anti-colonialism pin badge by Yomi Ayeni and myself. Also while doing my cursory-but-necessary stock check I unearthed some more products for some that had run out, notably the cats with tanks mega-mug and two other regular mug designs, as well as the milk/sugar shoulder specifier curved badge. I also found a secret stash of the classic "Butt wings" fake military patch.

Anyhoo, I'm going to crack on with those product photos and see if I can unearth any more stock (I've a hunch we're way behind on prints), hope you like the new design, do give us a shout if it gets buggy at all,

xx Gf