Queen Faketoria Commemorative Biscuit Tin - Tobacco Tin

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A small golden tin, claiming to have been issued to celebrate the launch of the world's first competitive monarch, Queen Faketoria.

Bearing a likeness of Queen Faketoria, this tin would be ideal for storing a couple of emergency biscuits whilst at the same time commemorating Their Highness.

Queen Faketoria is an ongoing interactive steampunk art project, by Doctor Geof, that satirises the perils of reckless privatisation by offering to privatise a beloved un-privatise-able publicly-held institution: the Queen. Launched at the Asylum Steampunk Festival 2019, with the assistance of Brendan McCoy in the role of Queen Faketoria, this project blends corporate and royal behaviour with the stated aim of "Doing royal stuff so as to get some of that hot monarching business."

Gold-finished "pocket-sized" metal tobacco tin
Approx 113x83x27mm with fully removable lid
Contains display label
August 2019