Fantastical Meats No.2: "Mister Meat" A3 Print

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A jolly butchers' diagram illustrating the many different cuts of a beloved storybook character.

Doctor Geof presents the second in his series of rigorously-researched wholly-accurate fantastical meat cut diagrams, in this case the delicious Mister Meat.

Valued greatly for its sugar-rich pelt, upon a time these gentle creatures formed the Great Lunar Herds made famous by the adventure novels of Hawthorn and Barker. Gourmets will, however, be more familiar with the modern domesticated lineages of Mister Meat: the Long Tupenny Chew, the Gummibo or even the humble Opalburst.

A delightful adornment for the home of either the more adventurous epicurean, or the lover of fictional comestibles industries everywhere.

  • Size: A3 / 297x420mm / 11.7x16.5inches
  • Colour: Monochrome
  • 280gsm paper

May 2018