Yuletide Semi-random Card Bundle 2021 - 6 Card Set

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A 6-pack of Doctor Geof Xmas cards in a choice of 3 different themes! For those of you who require a lot of cards!

Every semi-random bundle includes one or both of the new 2021 card designs ("Two Carrots" and "Silent Night"), with the remaining cards chosen according to one of the 3 assortment themes you get to choose:

Assortment A: "Silent Night", "Two Carrots" and a random selection of 4 other Safe For Work cards and/or Risque cards;
Assortment B: "Silent Night" and a random selection of 5 other Safe For Work cards;
Assortment X: "Two Carrots" and a random selection of 5 other Risque cards.

Where the "Risque and "Safe For Work" cards are grouped as:

Safe For Work greetings cards
- "Silent Night" NEW for 2021!
- "Xmas Bee"
- "Goblin Sleigh"
- "Goblin's First Axe"
- "The Snowman's Hot Beverage"
- "Unrepentant Infant"
- "Nightmare santa"
- "Red Rum Robin"

Risque greetings cards
- "Two Carrots" NEW for 2021!
- "Consent Elf"
- "Not Red Enough Dear"
- "The Snowman's Fetish"
- "Something Else for Santa"

Wherever possible we'll try and avoid duplicates but the likelihood is that one or two may occur. All designs are also available as individual greetings cards.

6x A6 folded greetings card, 280gsm
Approx 148x105mm (4x5.8inches)
Includes envelope
December 2021