Fuck Colonialism - Enamel Pin Badge

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The Fuck Colonialism pin is an enamel pin badge that comes mounted on a bi-fold card. This is a pin badge for those people who want other people to know that they also object to colonialism.

I love steampunk and I hate colonialism, and I think we can have both things, so I made this badge.

"We love the creativity of steampunk, playing with fiction and elements of Victoriana and history to create vibrant fantastical worlds. But one of those elements is colonialism, and colonialism has caused harm.

We also love the inclusivity of steampunk, the celebration of creativity and creating above all else. But sometimes it can appear that steampunk celebrates colonialism, and that can make people who have been harmed by colonialism feel excluded.

We think we can have steampunk without celebrating colonialism, that we can use the frothing creativity of steampunk to make it clear to others that we reject colonialism, and that they might like to play along with us. So we’re going to do stuff. And you're going to do stuff too. Because together we reckon that we can make our steampunk even more beautiful and inclusive."

- Yomi Ayeni & Doctor Geof

Enamel pin badge, black enamel with gold finish
Approx 26x35mm with double butterfly clasp.
Card backing 146x105mm bi-fold
September 2020