Fantastical Meats No.3: "Mesopotamian Fancy Goat" A3 Print

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A lovely butchers' diagram illustrating the many different cuts of a noble, almost mythical, beast.

Doctor Geof presents the third in his series of rigorously-researched wholly-accurate fantastical meat cut diagrams, in this case the rare Mesopotamian Fancy Goat, or "unicorn". Noble, intelligent, kind, pure of heart, often accorded near-magical healing properties, the Mesopotamian Fancy Goat is understandably beatified the world over. Now practically extinct through illegal poaching, the hunting, preparation or consumption of "The Meat Fantastic" is a capital offence in nearly 162 countries.

A delightful adornment for the home of either the more adventurous epicurean, or the lover of fictional comestibles industries everywhere.

  • Size: A3 / 297x420mm / 11.7x16.5inches
  • Colour: Monochrome
  • 280gsm paper

July 2018