"SLR #1 Cover" A3 Print

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The cover of The Steampunk Literary Review #1, in an A3 Print.The SLR #1 was not a Review, not literary, and probably not steampunk really - but a gorgeous anthology of Dr. Geof's steampunk works, with some narrative and delicious randomness thrown in for good measure. Also adverts. Some of which are based on actual things. At last - take home the cover of the iconic first issue; its' got Kraken, Zeppelin, Balloon - and not a pair of goggles in sight! (Clearly, we do not understand steampunk at all).

  • Size: A3 / 297x420mm 1/ 1.7x16.5inches
  • Colour: Full colour
  • 160gsm paper

November 2014