Fantastical Meats No.1: "The Dunwich Longback"

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A Lovecraftian butchers' diagram illustrating the many different cuts of the elder god Cthulhu (not to scale).

Doctor Geof presents the first in his series of rigorously-researched wholly-accurate fantastical meat cut diagrams, in this case the barely observed Dunwich Longback (or AAAAAAIiiieeemymiiiind Chicken). Care should always be taken to avoid the Dunwich Longback, but in dire circumstances these delineations can be used to stave off hunger if one finds oneself trapped in an incomprehensible set of dimensions for all time.

A delightful adornment for the home of either the more adventurous epicurean, or the lover of fictional comestibles industries everywhere.

  • Size: A3 / 297x420mm / 11.7x16.5inches
  • Colour: Monochrome
  • 280gsm paper

April 2018