"Enlist!" A3 Print

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A satirical enlistment poster for a fictional military organisation entirely to do with tea. Which would have remained considerably more fictional if I hadn't gone and enlisted people in it because the idea of "pretend enlisting people" seemed funny. On the plus side they do really love tea.

The First Tea Company is a kind of fake "pre-enactment" group as well as an interactive artwork. Designed to feel military-ish, whilst in no way being actually  military, it came about partly because Geof loves tea, partly because he needed a fake military unit for a comic he was writing, and partly because Geof has a fondness for militaria but is also anti-war, and was hoping he could play with that.

First Tea Company insignia, and other related art, is also available.


  • Size: A3 / 297x420mm / 11.7x16.5inches
  • Colour: Full colour
  • 160gsm paper

May 2010